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Treasury Management

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Professional Assistance

First National Bank of Michigan offers professional assistance for cash management questions and concerns by contacting our Treasury Management Officer, Jennifer Nemecek.

Merchant Services

Allows credit card acceptance at your locations. All credit card transactions will be credited/debited from your business checking account.

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Remote Deposit Capture

Allows business customers to make deposits without leaving the office. This secure feature allows deposits to be made at any time of day, any day of the week. Deposits will post to the account during regular business hours. Remote Capture is perfect for businesses that typically process several checks daily.


A product for businesses receiving either high volume or high dollar check payments on a regular basis. Lockbox provides deposit processing for commercial customers for all payments types, accelerates the process of converting accounts receivable into cash, can be customized to meet specific needs and can be imported into many accounting systems, making it less costly and burdensome on staff. At First National Bank of Michigan, there are two lockbox options available to find the best fit for the needs of your business.

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ACH Services / Direct Deposit

Allows businesses to electronically transmit and collect funds safely and securely for direct deposit of payroll or vendor payments.

ACH Debit Block

Stops unauthorized ACH debits from hitting commercial checking accounts. Authorized vendors are quickly and easily added on an acceptable payee list and non authorized vendors are returned before any debits are processed.

Zero Balance Accounts (ZBA)

Allows commercial customers to link two checking accounts with one of the accounts maintaining a zero target balance. The zero balance account will receive funds from the main account to cover any debits posted and in turn, it will transfer monies to the main account when deposits are posted and the ending day balance is positive. This is a popular option if businesses want to have a separate payroll or other specific purpose account.

Credit Sweep

Designed to utilize excess funds in a checking account to automatically pay down a line of credit to help minimize interest expense. The checking account will maintain a predetermined target balance. If the balance falls below the target, the loan will automatically advance to the checking account to bring the balance back to the target. If the checking account balance is over the target, the excess above the target will be swept to pay down the principal line of credit. This product is great for non formula lines that typically carry a balance.


Money Market Sweep

Allows for easy and automatic transfers to either a money market savings account or a fully FDIC insured ICS account. Maximizes interest earned by having more investable dollars.

Commercial Credit Card

Allows you to consolidate spending onto a single platform: eliminating personal cards, streamlining vendor payments and cash reimbursements. The system allows for receipt imaging, cost allocation, customized reports and card restriction capabilities. It is a non-revolving, non-interest bearing corporate liability card that, depending on the annual spend, could also earn a rebate at the end of the year.

Pay Portal/Biller Direct

Allows companies to accept payments through the company or organizations website. Using these portals, you will be able to accept payments via credit or debit card or by bank account information. All collected payments are credited to the account by ACH daily. Pay Portal is a simple and cost effective way to allow customers to pay. Biller Direct allows for more customization, invoice images and payment options.

Positive Pay

A fraud prevention tool that electronically matches those checks written from a checking account with those clearing the account. Unmatched items are imaged and transmitted via online banking. This allows customers to decision whether to pay or return each item. Positive Pay is the best way to protect accounts from check fraud.

Managing Your Stress

We have simple solutions for cash management needs.