Security Center

First National Bank of Michigan will post information when we hear about security alerts, common scams or other relevant security-related information.

  • Visa Card Chip Technology

    Sep 8, 2015 - The tiny chip in your Visa card provides big protection against in-store counterfeit fraud. Watch to learn how chip technology protects your purchases giving you extra peace of mind when you shop. Link to video. New Visa cards with chip…

  • ABA Provides Tips for Consumers Following Recent Data Breach

    Jul 29, 2015 - ABA Provides Tips for Consumers Following Recent Data Breach WASHINGTON -- In light of the recently reported breach of a federal agency s network, the American Bankers Association (ABA) is reminding bank customers to take an active role…

  • Security Bulletin

    Jun 30, 2015 - Many consumers have become victims of scams involving fraudulent cashier's checks. What is a fraudulent or counterfeit cashier's check? A cashier's check is a check issued by a bank from their funds and payable to a specific person. If…

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Basic Online Security is the federal government's website to help you be safe, secure and responsible online.

Get Safe Online is a helpful resource for practical advice on how to protect yourself, your computers and mobiles device and your business against fraud, identity theft, viruses and many other problems encountered online.

Keep your personal information secure to avoid identity theft. Visit the Federal Trade Commission's identity theft page to stay in the know.

Email Safety

Sending an unprotected email is like sending a post card. Anybody with the right tools can see an unprotected email message. If you don't know how to send an encrypted email, you should use alternatives for your confidential information. Alternatives include faxes, US mail or hand delivery.