• Spotlight: Investments Help Kzoo Biotech Firm Develop Tougher Strains of Corn

    Feb 1, 2015 - First National Bank of Michigan is proud to put the spotlight on our customer, Native Traits LLC. This Kalamazoo-based firm has developed new technology that it says could bring back some favorable cold weather- and drought-resistant qualities to modern corn crops without resorting to genetic engineering. The…

  • First National Bank of Michigan Lender Promoted to Market President

    Sep 29, 2014 - GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.-First National Bank of Michigan is pleased to announce the promotion of Jefra Groendyk to Market President, Grand Rapids. Groendyk joined First National Bank of Michigan in 2012 as Vice President and Commercial Banker. With more than 30 years of banking and sales experience, Groendyk has been a…

  • First National Bank of Michigan a Venue for Grand Rapids Artist

    Sep 4, 2014 - GRAND RAPIDS, Mich- First National Bank of Michigan will a venue for artist Steven Watters and his piece, "Danny's Pub" at their 141 Ionia N.W. location in Grand Rapids during 2014 ArtPrize. "It began as a fun project using materials you wouldn't normally see together," says Watters. Danny's Pub is an outdoor art…

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