Client Focus : Kuyper College

75 Years in Education is Challenging.

Financing it shouldn't be.

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"We had been with a larger, regional bank, but sensed that decision making was being moved away from the local office and decisions were being made by people who had no understanding of who Kuyper College is. First National Bank of Michigan invested time getting to know our people and our mission. The decision was very easy."

- Duane Bras, VP for Business and Finance, Kuyper College

"At First National Bank of Michigan, we admire Kuyper College's 75 year dedication to the educational community, and knew they'd be a great institution to build a long-term relationship with. First National Bank of Michigan and Kuyper College both have leadership, strong core values and a commitment to the community, which provided the foundation of a solid long-lasting relationship. The Kuyper College team is passionate about their mission to educate students, and the bank's commitment to them is to assist in achieving their mission. First National Bank of Michigan values the opportunity to provide the highest quality banking relationship, utilizing the Bank's local decision-making and customer-centric focus of products and services.

The Bank is committed to the needs of Kuyper College, and our approach allows the College to spend less time on their banking and more time executing their mission. Our focus on long term relationships provides the opportunity to understand every aspect of the College, which benefits the implementation of the best solutions to fully maximize their operations and deliver cost savings which provides additional capital to achieve the mission."

- Brian Campbell, Vice President and Commercial Banker

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