Cash Management.

• Money Market Sweep – Automatically moves money from checking to savings to earn a competitive interest rate.

• Credit Sweep – For automated daily Line of Credit advances or paydowns.

• Business Bank Cards – For purchasing, travel / entertainment convenience and record keeping.

• Controlled Disbursement – For your active business management of your daily working capital position with an investment account and/or Line of Credit.

• Remote Capture – Scans checks you receive and instantly deposit them to your account via our commercial on-line banking platform.

• Merchant Services

• Domestic & Foreign Wire Transfers

• Lockbox Services – Can accelerate the process of converting accounts receivable into cash. Our service can be completely customized to meet your specific needs and can be imported into many accounting systems, making it less costly and burdensome on your staff.

Steve Rider / Vice President
Commercial Lending

"I appreciate the fact that the people who are making the decisions at the bank are local people. I trust them..."
–Brian S.